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deconarch.com is the first magazine dedicated to the remarkable combination of art and architecture, available exclusively online.

Founded and created by art and architecture historian Simone Kraft, we invite you to delve into the manifold facets of “ARTitecture”. Reports and interviews introducing artists whose work circle around questions of architecture and building, housing and dwelling, space and urbanity. Our reviews gather the latest news on exhibitions, literature, events on art and architecture. It is deconarch.com’s mission to form a hub between unique information and resources on this remarkable merging point of art and architecture.

deconarch.com premiered in February 2008 and has since developed a broad basis of recognition throughout the world. Even though based in Germany, the online magazine adresses an international readership and provides bilingual information to readers from all around the world.

Find out more about “ARTitecture”: Thoughts on ARTitecture (German)


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