BERLIN UNLIMITED | Festival for Art and Architecture in Berlin

Berlin Unlimited aims to bring together an interdisciplinary collection of work in the arts and creative media, architecture and urban design, theory and research, that reveal, reflect on, challenge, and reform, the limits and the limitations of the city; in its past, present, and future, is berlin limited, unlimited,(un)limited … ?

Berlin Unlimited


BERLIN UNLIMITED Festival for Art and Architecture

04.-09. October 2014

ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik




More info about programme, workshop, participating artists:


Info _ For long divided into two by the spatial and political frontier between the world’s two dominant ideologies at the time, Berlin has in these last 25 years been stitching back its halves. Still, if “one divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one”. By removing the wall entire neighbourhoods in the former suburbs of former West and East Berlin have been transposed onto the present centre of a new Berlin. A unique situation arose where an abundance of otherwise neglected and forgotten spaces were suddenly located at the heart of the new city, available to all kinds of old and new occupants—home-buyers and tenants, residential and commercial developers, companies and investors— pointing to Berlin as the city of newly born ambitions and opportunities. And while this radical regeneration of the inner-city is on its way, progressively filling the gaps and re- appropriating history’s left-overs, the expansion of the greater urban territory stretches Berlin’s self-defining limits. Is a “Great Berlin” replacing the neatly delimited ‘island’ of the past ?

Everything is possible | The unbridled capital, Berlin holds a reputation of a city where everything is possible, where its own scars and voids become a playground for creativity and experimentation for everything from the arts to politics and from architecture to philosophy; a carte blanche of unlimited possibilities. What are the potentialities of this new Berlin and what are the roles and the rules in its new urban play? What future visions are replacing the ideologies of the past? Have its inhabitants found the freedom they were looking for or is an idealised representation disguising much more complex and sometimes conflicting urban realities?

Berlin Unlimited is a project by Urban Transcripts, CollageLab and Guerilla Architects.

Info + illus. courtesy Berlin Unlimited

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