FARBE & RAUM in Friedberg

The exhibition „Farbe & Raum“ (Color & Space) is the result of a cooperation with art projects. art projects was founded in 2016… more »

FSB-GEWINNSPIEL | edition disegno meets Peter Zumthor!

Psst, dem ein oder anderen treuen Leser und Follower in den Social Media mag es schon aufgefallen sein – deconarch.com wird 10! Wir… more »

Design meets Zeitgeschichte | PETER SCHUBERTs edition disegno blickt hinter die Kulissen der Ulmer HfG

Sonntags wird das feine Geschirr hervorgeholt, das gute Kleid getragen, sonntags geht man ins Konzert, sonntags widmet man sich der Kultur. Und unter… more »

© Niels Ackermann/Lundi 13

Looking for Lenin | Niels ACKERMANN & Sébastien GOBERT in Vevey

Since the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 and almost 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, the established government has sought to erase… more »

Gerry Johansson: Halmstad, 1995, 165 x 160 mm, Silver gelatin print © Gerry Johansson

Deutschland/Schweden | GERRY JOHANSSON in Rostock

Renowned Swedish photographer Gerry Johansson has become an icon of minimalist B / W photography. For several decades he has been roaming countries… more »

[Detail. For a full view, click on the picture] Chiharu Shiota, A Long Day, 2015, Installationsansicht K21, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016 Foto: Sunhi Mang © Kunstsammlung NRW

K21 KÜNSTLERRÄUME in Düsseldorf

The K21 Ständehaus is a very special venue for young international artists and for the contemporary portions of the permanent collection. Traversing three… more »

(c) Tobias Stutz

Lichtwerk | TOBIAS STUTZ in Heidelberg

Tobias Stutz‘ main subject is the architecture of the Bauhaus era. Deserted interiors, a purist grace and the balance of surfaces and lines… more »

© Andreas Gehrke

Grenzen / Borders | Europäischer Architekturfotografie-Preis 2017 in Stuttgart

With „Borders“, the European Architectural Photography Award 2017 is dedicated to the manifold interpretations of this theme. A total of 133 photographers –… more »

Raum-Traum | Sabine GEIERHOS & Kathrin SCHNEIDER in Heidelberg

The intensive work on the subject of space, environment and environment characterizes the artistic work of Sabine Geierhos and Kathrin Schneider. In both… more »

JOHNSON PLUS in Bielefeld

In their master theses, students from the architecture universities of Bochum and Detmold, under the direction of Professors André Habermann (Bochum University of… more »

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