CITY VIEWS in New York

The group exhibition CITY VIEWS presents many artists, including Tina Barney, Martin Parr, Jan Groover. Each lighthearted image approaches the rigors and dilemmas of summer in the city according to each artist’s view.

Metropolitan Club, View of Library © Jim Dow

Metropolitan Club, View of Library © Jim Dow




Tina Barney, Michael Collins, Jim Dow, Jan Groover, Martin Parr, John Pfahl, Weegee, …

July 2014

Janet Borden, Inc.

New York



Info _ A rare vintage Weegee print shows The Empire State Building fending off a summer strike of lightning. John Pfahl’s Jeff Koons’s Puppy is the vintage version that is currently reprised at Rockefeller Center. Martin Parr’s Art Fair patron in Dubai, speaks to summer travel to other cities, as does Tina Barney’s charming family of The Daughters. Jim Dow’s large format view of an empty ballroom in an exclusive club typifies the languor and ghostly quiet of summer in the city.

Info + illus. courtesy Janet Borden, Inc.

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