Doors | Thomas LOCHER in Cully (CH)

The kmd is the world’s smallest museum and shows grand exhibitions of internationally acknowledged and emerging artists, and the edition of the kmd publishes hardcover books in small format (art theory, monographs, artists’ books, and exhibition catalogues). 

(c) Thomas Locher

(c) Thomas Locher


Thomas Locher


KMD–Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp

28 march to 25 may 2015

Cully, Switzerland




PR Info _ Doors open or close.
Doors stay open or stay closed.
Doors are slung open or slammed shut.
Doors are ajar.
Doors can be locked and unlocked.
It is through doors that one has to walk, stride or simply
One can stand in front of, behind or in a door.
One closes a door behind one, or forces or breaks it
Doors are objects or devices, apparatuses or machines.
Doors connect rooms.
Doors control access.
A door closes as soon as it opens.
A door can never be only open.
A door can never be only closed.
Doors connect inside and outside.
Doors sever connections.
Doors have locks.
Only the door can make indoors indoors or outdoors
Only the door puts inside and outside in a relationship
with one another.
Doors create different surroundings: safe or dangerous
ones, lawful or unlawful ones, public or private ones,
social or unsocial ones, secular or religious ones.
Doors belong to the order of the Symbolic.
Closed doors thwart access.
Open doors thwart solitude.
The door is a threshold that can be crossed.
Not until one has crossed the threshold does one get
Doors are signs, symbols or images.
The door denies access and yet waits to be entered.
The door transforms all who pass through it.
He or she who crosses threshold becomes someone else.
The act of crossing is a kind of passage.
There are front doors and back doors.

Thomas Locher

Info + illus. courtesy kmd


ongoing exhibition:
thomas locher – doors: march 28 to may 25, 2015

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