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Two weeks in April are dedicated to TRANSMISSION – in Karlsruhe and Athens. For two weeks, the newly initiated art festival – self-organized by a group of media artists – presents contemporary positions in different media and brings together artists from Athens and Karlsruhe. It’s impact is glocal – it gives the local visitors new aspects and perspectives in the media and performance arts, promotes cultural diversity in Karlsruhe and Athens and European cooperation. We will accompany TRANSMISSION festival with selected interviews with participating artists.

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08.04.2016 – 24.04.2016   

Orgelfabrik Karlsruhe (Durlach)


BIOS Romantso Incubator, Athen



Full program with exhibition, workshops, performances in Karlsruhe and Athens

The cooperation between the Transmission Artist Society and Contemporary Art Showcase Athens (C.A.S.A.) offers the visitor an insight into new impulses in the international art world.

The main subject of the exhibit is the act of conveyance or a transfer, not only in terms of power, electricity or information, but also as the act of communicating ideas, passing on emotion, a thought or a concept through artistic message. The theme of transmission can be found both in the selection of the media, as well as in the content of the exhibited work.

During the exhibition, the site of a former organ factory is transformed into a living art spectacle. A multimedia environment consisting of videos, photographs and installations will be completed by a curated program including a video art festival, performances, readings, concerts and workshops.

The festival is a cooperation between the association of media artists David Loscher (DE), Nina Adelajda Olczak (PL), Ursula Schachenhofer (AT) and Karolina Sobel (PL) and Contemporary Art Showcase Athens (C.A.S.A.) artists Illiana Natsou, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, Filippos Vasileiou and Konstantinos Voulgaris.

Info + illus. courtesy Transmission Festival


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