ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Axel Hütte: San Miniato, Italien, 1990 © Axel Hütte

Frühwerk | AXEL HÜTTE in Bottrop

Axel Hütte (born in Essen in 1951) was one of Bernd Becher’s first students at the KunstakademieDüsseldorf in the 1970s. His photographs are… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Meridian #2, 2012 © Josef Schulz

poststructure | sign out | JOSEF SCHULZ in Düsseldorf

Josef Schulz’ series poststructure  focuses on abandoned “consumption architecture” in the eastern US. The photographs can be considered documentary of the economic crisis in parts,… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art xel Hütte: SANTA MARIA DEI FRARI, Italy, 2012 Inkjetprint auf Glas auf poliertem Edelstahl, 160 x 205 cm, Ed. 4 Courtesy: Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska

Venezia | Axel HÜTTE in Salzburg

In Axel Hütte recent series  “Venezia” interior and exterior spaces in Venice are the central pictorial subjects. However, Hütte breaks the classic image of… more »

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