ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Deutschland, Lorch. Versorgungslager der Bundeswehr; 2008 © Martin Roemers

Relikte des Kalten Krieges | MARTIN ROEMERS in Bonn

What remains of the Cold War? For the Dutch photographer Martin Roemers it is primarily structural remnants of the East-West conflict in Europe.… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Virtual Interior IdlV NM Paris 2016 © Annett Zinsmeister, VG Bildkunst Bonn

Searching for identity | Annett ZINSMEISTER in Bonn

The gkg presents works by Annett Zinsmeister from two decades. The works are an experiment, to trace the particular, the specific, the identity… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Boris Becker: Opernhaus Köln, 2013 © Boris Becker und VG Bild - Kunst Bonn, 2016

Staged Confusion | BORIS BECKER in Bonn

Boris Becker is one of Germany’s most important contemporary photographers. In a comprehensive solo exhibition at the LVR-LandesMuseum, he is now showing recent… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Pia Pollmanns: aus der Serie “was bleibt”, 2012, 40 X 60 cm

was bleibt | Pia POLLMANNS in Köln

Archives are places where information and knowledge are made available, they preserve our cultural memory. With the increasing digitization of material documents and… more »

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