“Artificiality has become an increasing part of our lives.” INTERVIEW with Bram Braam

Old black formwork panels, used for pouring concrete, form a cubic installation, Black/White – faintly reminiscent of an Architekton? A temple-like platform? Or… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Vincent Fournier, Brasilia / The Itamaraty Palace - Foreign Relations Ministry, spiral stairs, 2012

Brasilia | Vincent FOURNIER in Amsterdam

Brasília is a city composed of reinforced concrete, a paragon of the tenets of modernist architecture and city planning. Enfolded by the artificial… more »

LITERATURE Enclosure (CC) 31, 2010/13, Courtesey Galerie m Bochum

Thomas Florschuetz ASSEMBLY | Rezension

Die rund 150 Seiten starke Publikation versammelt Thomas Florschuetz‘ Serie Assembly, an der er seit 2010 arbeitet und die 2013 im Museum Wiesbaden… more »

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