ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Zeitschichten, 2016 (c) Annett Zinsmeister

Urban Shelter? | Annett ZINSMEISTER in München

German artist Annett Zinsmeister’s exhibition at BKNR, a former bunker, questions history, meaning and transience of shelters . With installations, projections and interventions, the artist… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Deutschland (West), Lorch, Versorgungslager der Bundeswehr in einem Atomschutzbunker, Lorch 2008 © Martin Roemers

Relikte des Kalten Krieges | MARTIN ROEMERS in Berlin

What is left of the Cold War? Dutch photographer Martin Roemers gives a clear answer: the structural and topographic relics of the conflict… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Georges Rousse: Grands Moulins, 2005

RAY 2015 | Georges ROUSSE in Darmstadt

As part of RAY 2015, the Darmstadt Days of Photography invited French artist Georges Rousse to produce new works in Darmstadt. Quite in… more »


BUNKERbiotop | Subterranean beauty in Stuttgart

The Kunsthaus Schill in Stuttgart presents BUNKERbiotop, peculiar photos of a peculiar place: From 1945 until 1985, the Bunker under the central market… more »

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