ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Marc Theis: Tapeten Hossfeld I (Braunschweig), aus der Serie Stadt im Bild – Verborgene Orte in Braunschweig und Hannover, 2016 © Marc Theis

Stadt im Bild | MARC THEIS in Braunschweig

Probably the oldest store for wall papers in Braunschweig, the Art Nouveau lockers at the Deutsche Bank in Hanover, the roof truss of… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Roger Eberhard: Tower #2, aus der Serie: Aussicht

Aussicht | Roger EBERHARD in Berlin

Can walls save memories of the people whose biographies were connect with them?  The “Citadel Inn” is a luxurious hotel in Western Ukraine, praised… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art

Beatrice Minda | IRAN. INTERRUPTED in Zurich

Time and again, German photographer Beatrice Minda deals with the relationship between private space, memory, and history. After her striking exploration of Romanian… more »

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