ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Mobile Churches, 2013-2017, Courtesy Dr. Ing. Eugeniu Iordăchescu

Mobile Churches | ANTON ROLAND LAUB in Berlin

Bucharest in the 1980s. For several years, Ceauşescu applied his “systematization” program to the Romanian capital: one-third of the historic center was razed… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art TILMANN KRIEG: Installationsansicht "METROPOLIS - Visuelle Symphonie" St. Johannes Nepomuk Kirche, Kehl

METROPOLIS – Visuelle Symphonie | Tilmann KRIEG in Kehl

Tilmann Krieg’s photo, video and sound installation METROPOLIS is a “visual symphony”, being more than a mere projection of paintings, but  a complex… more »

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