ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Novikov Sergey. Grassroots. Artem, Primorsky Krai, 2016

Grassroots. Amateur football in Russia | SERGEY NOVIKOV in Moscow

What goes unseen behind the glossy images of big-scale official events? While preparations for the 21st World Cup are in full swing, all… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Julian Faulhaber Pult (Desk), 2016 ©Julian Faulhaber/VG Bildkunst Bonn/RAO

Ideal Spaces | Julian FAULHABER in Moscow

At the center of Faulhaber’s attention are the real public places in Germany, Japan and the USA: gas stations, shopping centers, cinema halls,… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art © Mikhail Schteinberg


The exhibition is dedicated to independent documentary photography. The theme of the second season is “Documentary Photography of Human Habitats.” The exhibition is comprised… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art © Oleg Borodin

Irony as a Landscape | Oleg BORODIN, Alexander LYUBIN, Anton ZABRODIN in Moscow

Irony as a landscape is a joint project of young photographers Oleg Borodin, Anton Zabrodin, and Alexander Lyubin. Working with the concept of… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Kacper Kowalski. Sun&Fun #20

Side Effects | KACPER KOWALSKI in Moscow

Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski was supposed to be an architect, yet he turned to his two true passions: flying and photography. Both a… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Wowhaus: Olive Beach, 2011 (Photo: Olga_Alexeenko)

Architecture for communication | WOWHOUSE in Berlin

Wowhaus concentrates primarily on the design of public space and planning cultural buildings. The most important aspect of their work is to create… more »

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