INTERVIEWS 03 / magenta schwarz weiss ( studio ) 2014 Exhibition View Krafft-Ebing-Strasse 6, Mannheim

„Der Raum als Malereiträger verändert sich ständig.“ INTERVIEW mit Holger Endres

Schwarz neben weiß, schwarz neben weiß, auf Magenta. Schwarz neben weiß, schwarz neben weiß, auf Magenta. In einem oft tagelangen Arbeitsprozess zieht Holger… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Georges Rousse: Grands Moulins, 2005

RAY 2015 | Georges ROUSSE in Darmstadt

As part of RAY 2015, the Darmstadt Days of Photography invited French artist Georges Rousse to produce new works in Darmstadt. Quite in… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Ein Eigener Raum (a study), 2015, aluminum-plated board, chocolate, 240cm x 120cm x 300cm. Photo Credit @ David Dollmann

Ein eigener Raum | RANDI RENATE in Berlin

Berlin art space ROCKELMANN& initiated a Summer Break project as a two month long curatorial & artist residency program designed to provide young… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Broken Platforms (c) Michael Dekker

Broken Plattforms | MICHAEL DEKKER in Kaiserslautern | Review

Über den Sommer bleibt es (archi)tektonisch in der Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern. Nach der umfassenden Werkschau von Claus Bury (bis Juni 2015) sind es nun… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art BKV_PK1_BUCHANAN_150625_

Or, a building | RUTH BUCHANAN in Karlsruhe

Or, a building is Ruth Buchanan’s most comprehensive solo exhibition in Germany and part of a cooperation with the Institute of Modern Art… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Liu Bolin: HIDING IN THE CITY - 99, THREE GODDESSES, 2013

Hiding in the City | Liu BOLIN in Zurich

Liu incorporates sculpture, performance art, body painting and photography. After selecting a background that is often an urban landmark or place of personal… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Raimund Abraham, The House without Rooms, Project, 1974 (c) 2015 Raimund Abraham

Endless House | INTERSECTIONS of Art and Architecture in New York

Endless House considers the single-family home and archetypes of dwelling as a theme for the creative endeavors of architects and artists. Through drawings,… more »

INTERVIEWS Megalomania II_ Acrylic, pigment and tape on cement cast tiles mounted on board (Projection exhibition, Interview Room 11, Image credit David Guillen 2015)

„The process in making the painting seemed to follow a similar set of stages when designing a building – the plan, the model, the proposal images and resulting outcome.“ INTERVIEW with David McDiarmid

It is the peculiar charisma of megalomanic architecture that fascinates young Scottish artist David McDiarmid. Anyone who has experienced the Berlin Olympia Stadium… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Leandro Erlich, Pulled by the Roots, 2015

Die Stadt ist der Star | KUNST AN DER BAUSTELLE in Karlsruhe

The City is the Star – Art at the Construction Site | Fascinating works of art are to be presented by the ZKM… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art (c) Oster+Koezle

a r c h i t e c t u r e s | OSTER+KOEZLE in Essen

OSTER+KOEZLE, an artist duo with roots in painting and photography, has been working intensively on the topic „space“ for more than fifteen years. The… more »

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