“It talks about the big city and the relationship of individuals to the complex structures of our metropolises.” reloaded: INTERVIEW with Julio Bittencourt

One of the first interviews to be published on was an interview with Brazilian photographer Julio Bittencourt. We were talking about his… more »


“Architecture goes way beyond lines, shapes, forms and light when it comes across people’s lives for good and bad.” INTERVIEW with Julio Bittencourt

Some time ago I told you about a young Brazilian photographer, Julio Bittencourt, and mentioned his work “Prestes Maia 911”. I’m very happy… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art

Julio Bittencourt | Prestes Maia 911

Julio Bittencourt (*1980) ist ein junger brasilianischer Fotograf, der in Sao Paulo und New York aufgewachsen ist. Arbeiten von ihm wurden schon in… more »

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