ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Beehives, Wood, Ocre, White & Pink, 2017 Framed pigment print on baryta paper, optiwhite glass 90 x 67 cm each / framed 107 x 155 cm 8 + 1AP © Scheltens & Abbenes

The Workers | Maurice SCHELTENS & Liesbeth ABBENES in Amsterdam

This Summer The Ravestijn Gallery presents Scheltens & Abbenes’ bright and colourful series ‘The Workers’. The Dutch artist duo, consisting of photographer Maurice… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art The Situation Room 2016 © Ruth van Beek, courtesy The Ravestijn Galler

The Situation Room | Ruth VAN BEEK in Amsterdam

Ruth van Beek’s work originates in her ever-growing archive. The images, mainly from old photo books, are her tools, source material and context.… more »

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