ARTitecture | Architecture + Art

Double Take | Jojakim CORTIS & Adrian SONDEREGGER in Winterthur

For five years, the Zurich-based artist duo Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger worked on a project that not only captivates with its concept,… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art Roger Eberhard: Tower #2, aus der Serie: Aussicht

Aussicht | Roger EBERHARD in Berlin

Can walls save memories of the people whose biographies were connect with them?  The “Citadel Inn” is a luxurious hotel in Western Ukraine, praised… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art

20 prepared dc-motors 81 cardboard boxes … | ZIMOUN & Hannes ZWEIFEL in Mannheim

Not seeing, but listening with all senses is the core of this exhibition at Mannheimer Kunstverein by Swiss artist Zimoun and architect Hannes… more »

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