Things in a Room | MANUEL FRANQUELO in London

Spanish artist Manuel Franquelo’s first solo show in the United Kingdom consists of six large-scale photographic pieces from his work in progress Things in a Room: An Ethnography of the Insignificant.


Things in a room (Untitled #8), 2015 © Manuel Franquelo, Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery. 80 x 110 cm

Things in a room (Untitled #8), 2015 © Manuel Franquelo, Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery.

Manuel Franquelo

Things in a Room

7 March – 12 April 2017

Michael Hoppen Gallery







PR Info _ The pieces from this series, produced through techniques borrowed from scientific photography and endowed with an uncanny hyperreal presence, are an inquiry into the things that have accumulated, over the years, in the nooks and crannies of a space inhabited by the artist.

In this project, Franquelo articulates his interest in time, memory, the subconscious, and what the French writer Georges Perec (1936-82) grouped under the category of the ‘infra-ordinary’, that is: everything that, because of its obviousness and insignificance, remains hidden beneath the normal threshold of perception.

Manuel Franquelo (Malaga 1953) studied engineering and fine arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. He began his career by painting, for a period of ten years, a set of ten exquisite and enigmatic hyperrealist still-lifes. In the 1990s he became interested in projects that utilize practices taken from engineering and scientific imagery. His work is process oriented, multidisciplinary in nature and diametrically opposed to an art based on specific media.

Info + illus. courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

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