It is concern to deconarch.com to transfer the contents, ideas and approaches on “ARTitecture” to the real world. Therefore, deconarch.com‘s founder and editor-in-chief Simone Kraft has developed and realized several exhibitions focusing on “ARTitecture” related issues, featuring some of the artists whose works have been introduced on deconarch.com. Some of her most recent projects include:


ivc-flyer_1(In)Visible Cities
Karl-Heinz Bogner | Stefan Hoenerloh | Johannes Twielemeier | Annett Zinsmeister
ausgezeichnet mit dem Wolfgang Hartmann Preis 2010/11
01.10. – 06.11. 2011
Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen


gesichtsverlust-imageBe(com)ing (in)visible
Lars Bjerre |
 Mona Breede 
| Marc Dittrich 
| Florian Heinke 
| Johanna Jakowlev | Werner W. Lorke 
| Joas Sebastian Nebe 
| Simon Schubert 
| Vanja Vukovic
Kunstverein Viernheim
01. – 30. Juni 2012


Header inhabitancity(in)habitanCITY
Wohn(t)räume, Utopien, Urbanismus und der ganz normale Raumkonsum
Peter Braunholz | Marc Dittrich | Jens Hausmann | Tobias Kraft | Jutta Steudle
Schlossbergstipendium 2013: Yasmin Alt
Böblinger Kunstverein
16.11. – 18.12.2013


For more information please check out www.simonekraft.com.


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