LITERATURE Enclosure (CC) 31, 2010/13, Courtesey Galerie m Bochum

Thomas Florschuetz ASSEMBLY | Rezension

Die rund 150 Seiten starke Publikation versammelt Thomas Florschuetz‘ Serie Assembly, an der er seit 2010 arbeitet und die 2013 im Museum Wiesbaden… more »

INTERVIEWS The Glass House (Modern Contemporary), 2010 Sculptural installation (mixed media) 96 x 207 x 127 cm Installation view, Kunstpalais Erlangen (D), 2010

“Art shares certain critical approaches with other theoretical disciplines, which in turn can lead to interdisciplinary discourses around relevant social and political issues.” INTERVIEW with Karina Nimmerfall

What would a Hollywood movie be without a stylish architectural setting? All too often your average blockbuster stages its showdown against a breathtaking… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art courtesy Stieglitz19

UN BUILDING | Ben Murphy in Antwerpen

British Photographer Ben Murphy portrayed Niemeyer’s UN building, prior to the major renovation of the building in 2007. Over a period of 15… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

People meet in ARTitecture: 12. Architektur-Biennale in Venedig (Teil 1)

Meine erste Architekturbiennale! Nachdem ich in den letzten Jahren schon mehrere Kunstbiennalen besuchen konnte, habe ich es dieses Jahr das erste Mal zu… more »

ARCHITECTURE 16180009201

ARCHITEKTUR IM FILM: Cinema Quadrat in Mannheim

Eine kleine Filmreihe des Mannheimer Kinos Cinema Quadrat widemt sich im Oktober der “ARCHITEKTUR IM FILM”. Besonders freue ich mich, dass darunter auch… more »

INTERVIEWS Paraisópolis, 2002

“It is beautiful to say that the camera is an extension of the eye but I see the camera more as a scratch book.” INTERVIEW with Tuca Vieira

Tuca Vieira (*1974), a young Brazilian photographer,  captures amazing shots of his native city Sao Paulo (but not only). After having studied + graduated in… more »