ARTitecture | Architecture + Art (c) Julia Spínola

“Ao túnel-cabo pelo braco” | Julia SPINOLA in Sao Paulo

The work of Julia Spínola (*1979, Madrid) departs from an intuitive and empirical practice, in which there is no place for metaphors or symbolisms. She… more »


M I N H A S P Mein São Paulo – Stadtlesebuch | Kurzrezension

Auf Tokio folgt São Paulo: Mein São Paulo Minha São Paulo – der fünfte Band aus der Reihe Stadtlesebücher zu internationalen Metropolen versammelt Aufnahmen zweier Reportage-Fotografen… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art

ALL READY MADE | Mader Stublic Wiermann in Sao Paulo

Mader Stublic Wiermann develop a special choreography that dynamizes the building and brings it back to a solid state through the constant recreation… more »


“It is beautiful to say that the camera is an extension of the eye but I see the camera more as a scratch book.” INTERVIEW with Tuca Vieira

Tuca Vieira (*1974), a young Brazilian photographer,  captures amazing shots of his native city Sao Paulo (but not only). After having studied + graduated in… more »


“Architecture goes way beyond lines, shapes, forms and light when it comes across people’s lives for good and bad.” INTERVIEW with Julio Bittencourt

Some time ago I told you about a young Brazilian photographer, Julio Bittencourt, and mentioned his work “Prestes Maia 911”. I’m very happy… more »

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