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GESICHTSVERLUST | Be(com)ing (in)visible at Kunstverein Viernheim, curated by Simone Kraft proudly presents the international group exhibition “Gesichtsverlust | Be(com)ing invisible”, at Kunstverein Viernheim, curated by Simone Kraft, displaying a particular selection of… more »


“The ’architectural’ is the link in all of my work.“ INTERVIEW with Jeroen Molenaar

Dutch artist Jeroen Molenaar (1979) ‘s multifaceted work is situated on the edges of arts, design and architecture. Working with sculptures, photography and sculptures,… more »


“The globalization is the new religion and its images are its scriptures.” INTERVIEW with Sajjad Ahmed

Sajjad Ahmed’s series “Small Round Organized Capitalist World” reflects on questions of globalization and its visualizations. The Pakistan based artist says, “the Capitalist… more »

ARTitecture | Architecture + Art © Peter Bialobrzeski „Jakarta, 2007“ aus der Serie „The Raw and the Cooked“

Peter Bialobrzeski | The Raw and the Cooked in Berlin

Peter Bialobrzeski, winner of this year’s Dr.-Erich-Salomon award, has published “The Raw and the Cooked”, the continuation of  his observations about the development… more »

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